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From the Desk of Sharon Vaz

Dear Entrepreneurs and Marketers,

unity sand ceremonyake advantage of the next generation in advanced professional copywriting software.

With point-and-click technology, you can quickly and easily create award-winning headlines that are guaranteed to improve your conversions by up to 35% or more.

Our user-friendly copywriting software is the culmination of extensive research all with the purpose of creating a superior program that gives you the quickest, easiest way to generate award-winning headlines that get results.

headline creator pro

headline creator pro boxHeadline Creator Pro is recognized as the industry leader because it outperforms all others.

You’ll be pleased over and over and over again at what a small investment in time and money will gain you immediately in return.


headline creator pro

Take a look at just a handful of what you’ll find with Headline Creator Pro:

This really is just a tease of the benefits you’ll discover with Headline Creator Pro

top copywriting software

With Headline Creator Pro, you receive an all-in-one copywriting software solution that was developed specifically with you and your business in mind.

Imagine seeing impressive results… starting in less than one week. That is the power of Headline Creator Pro

Developed by an elite team of today’s top copywriting experts, technology authorities and online sales & marketing specialists, Headline Creator Pro is the obvious choice.

Headline Creator Pro is the next generation in copywriting software working for you.

headine creator pro is resullts-oriented

Headline Creator Pro was developed with one goal in mind: Getting you the results you want… fast.

We redesigned our new and improved copywriting software to eliminate all the annoying shortcomings found in other products on the market today without sacrificing any of the power you need.

Take a look for yourself why Headline Creator Pro is your obvious choice.

Headline Creator Pro allows you – regardless of your business, writing ability or budget – to master the art of copywriting headlines in seconds… guaranteed.

Isn’t it time for you to take control of your business once and for all? Discover why Headline Creator Pro has been awarded top copywriting software for eight years and counting.

headline creator pro suite

To help you take your business to the next level, we offer a full suite of copywriting software solutions.

Make sure your email strategy is working as effectively and efficiently as possible

Sending promotional emails is the key to any successful online business. However, many people have no idea how well their email campaigns are working.

  • Do yours get where you want them to go?
  • Are they all making it past the constantly upgraded email filters?
  • Are they getting to your prospects?
  • Are they selling your products as well as they can?

You owe it to yourself to make sure your email strategy is working as effectively and efficiently as possible. Content Scrubber is the solution you’ve been looking for.

This all-in-one tool is an online business owner’s dream. Easy to use, but so powerful:

  • Instantly scan your email messages for the negative triggers that spam filters look for.
  • Then, immediately receive onscreen editing options to revise your materials so they always make it to their intended recipients.

No more bounced emails. No more spam. Only successful high-conversion email campaigns that get noticed and get results.

Organize all your best copy in one place

When you find a copy snippets that sell, you cannot afford to lose them. When you use Copywriters Swipe Manager, you’ll never again lose that incredible copy.

  • Organize your complete complement of sales & marketing copy quickly and easily.
  • Utilize comprehensive categories for your every need, including body copy, bullets, headlines, PS's and more!
  • User friendly storage option allows you to save all in one file.

Simply add to the category of choice and press Save. Copywriters Swipe Manager gives you peace of mind AND guaranteed ROI.

Discover the breakthrough copywriting system that can dramatically increase your response rates

This groundbreaking audio program reveals the secrets to great copy from a verified legend in the industry.

  • Discover how to exploit the power of "upside leverage" across your entire business.
  • Uncover what you absolutely must do starting right now to see an immediate boost in your results.
  • Learn how the 5 Rules to Empower Your Copy to Sell Stuff for you can singlehandedly increase your revenue by exponential numbers.
  • Understand the 9 Most Important Elements of Your Copy – without these you’re missing out on thousands of dollars of revenue every week
  • Get your hands on the four books every copywriter must read if you want to get the results you’ve always dreamed about.
  • And, much more!

Since its release, this program has been the must-have for all online businesses. Don’t miss your opportunity.

headline creator pro price

Special Offer: Buy the complete Headline Creator Pro Suite ($190 value) today for the hot low price of $19.97. Headline Creator Pro, Content Scubber and Copywriters Swipe Manager are compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000 and 98 operating systems. Sorry, not for Macs.

headline creator pro suite

testimonials for headline creator pro

Today’s top copywriting experts can’t stop talking about Headline Creator Pro. Leaders all across the web are raving about their experience and results. Read what a few of our customers are saying about this groundbreaking copywriting software.

" Headline Creator Pro is the easiest way to create killer headlines Everyone knows that the headline is the most important part of any ad. The headline will make or break your ad. But, it's hard to create great headlines working from scratch. Using Headline Creator Pro, I have my headlines written in minutes instead of hours. I no longer write ads without it. I don't want to waste the time creating inferior ads." — Shawn Casey, Internet Marketer, www.mininggold.com

"I finally used it the other day. I was very impressed with the number and variety of excellent headlines that were generated from my answers to questions. It seems every trick of the trade was integrated into your software to give a superb array of options many of which we will certainly use." — Ford Johnson, GreatestNewBiz.Com and Koba Institute, Inc.

"Wow! Headline Creator Pro is really incredible. I've spent hours trying to come up with just a few headlines in the past. But no more! With Headline Creator Pro all I have to do is enter a few words and click the button to get a wealth of great headlines. I can even copy and paste them directly into my sales letters. This is a must have software program for anyone who sells products or services on the Internet." — Bob Chambers, Publisher, Digital Information Publishing

"Headline Creator Pro is a fantastic piece of software which makes the creation of attention grabbing, results producing headlines, so easy. This drastically shortens the amount of time required when creating a piece of copy. It's effective and very easy to use. A great time saver!" — David Barrat,Sydney, Australia

With feedback like this, it’s no wonder Headline Creator Pro is today’s top copywriting software.

Get your own copy of Headline Creator Pro Suite and take a full 60 days to try everything. If you change your mind and decide that you are not 100% thrilled with your results, we absolutely insist that you ask for a refund.

If Headline Creator Pro Suite doesn’t:

  • easily and effortlessly save you hours of frustration, return it for a full refund.
  • perform with click-button simplicity, return it.
  • produce headlines that increase your response rate by 35%, return it.
  • help you create killer emails, compelling sales copy and streamlined strategies for success,
  • Headline Creator Pro is proven to skyrocket your results, but if you’re not convinced, then we owe you a refund. It’s as simple as that.

headline creator pro

From start to finish, the Headline Creator Pro Suite takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do to create award-winning headlines, spam-busting emails, profit-blasting marketing strategies and streamlined efficiency throughout your business…all even if you have had no experience, special skills or previous training.

Headline Creator Pro Suite really is that good.

Indeed, some of the top copywriters in the industry all agree – it is the one thing no Internet business should be without.

No gimmicks, no cheap tricks, or shortcuts – just everything you need to create highly compelling sales copy waiting for you in the Headline Creator Pro Suite. Now, the only question you need to ask yourself is: What are you waiting for? Especially since there’s no risk to you at all…

I understand that I will get:

  • Headline Creator Pro, the amazing headline creator and copywriting software that creates award-winning headlines that are guaranteed to improve my conversions by up to 35% or more
  • Content Scrubber to make my email strategy work as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Copywriters Swipe Manager to organize all my best copy in one place
  • Ray Edwards' Copywriting Crash Course, the groundbreaking audio program that reveals the secrets to great copy.

    Since the entire Headline Creator Pro Suite is offered as a digital download, I ’ll be able to start putting it to work for me …immediately!

    Plus, if I'm not thrilled with the results of Headline Creator Pro Suite, I can ask for a hassle-free refund within the next 60 days. Thanks Sharon for making this easy!

    To get started, click on the Add to Cart button...

To your Copywriting Success,

Sharon Vaz
Web Strategist

P.S. In a few moments, you can start creating traffic-driving headlines, emails and more that start pulling in the business you’ve been seeking. With Headline Creator Pro alone, you are guaranteed to increase your web site’s conversion rates by at least 35%... or get your money back. Don’t risk losing traffic or sales. Order your copy of the complete Headline Creator Pro Suite for only $19.97 right now.

P.P.S. Thanks to Headline Creator Pro Suite, you’ll have an unfair advantage over the competition… completely customized sales copy with research-based and proven results guaranteed. Don’t let this one get away, especially at this special price.

Plus, with our iron-clad guarantee, you have absolutely nothing lose. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund every cent. Order your risk-free copy today

Requirements: Headline Creator Pro, Content Scubber and Copywriters Swipe Manager are compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000 and 98 operating systems. Sorry, not for Macs.